Flames over Acahl

Session 21

A Dark Prophecy

The adventurer’s sat around a table in the chaotic remnants of their makeshift headquarters. The news was grim, Riam’s foretelling left little room for hope. The rebellion was doomed by sorcery, the Verishnakt Carrum’s hand was at work and their was none to stand against him. According to Riam a military victory was impossible.

As the character’s mulled over this more bad news arrived, in the form of Hargon. He had ridden hard from the far northern reaches of Acahl with news. A snake of great size had destroyed an entire village and was receiving sacrificial offerings from them.

After some discussion they departed along side Gerard’s band to deal with the snake. A harder task than they imagined. Upon arrival Riam explained that the snake was a Verish. Similar to a Verishnakt but weaker, and unfortunately mobile. The snake was apparently a general in the horde of Beasts. And even worse, it was infused with the magic of Fenair.

A trap was set, they would lure the snake into a valley warded by magic. Archer’s hid on either side. When the Varesh entered he was hit by magic and volley after volley of arrows, but still he advanced. Korrick and Terryn bravely stood at the end of it’s path, battling at close range. The trap was successful, and the snake perished.


AshenHaze AshenHaze

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