Nima came to live in Argad as a young child when her parents went on an overseas trading expedition and never returned. They are presumed dead. She was adopted by her uncle Bors who trained her as a stable hand and a tracker. Nima took part in the expedition to save the verishnakt Fenair who had been imprisoned. As a reward for her part she was granted a blessing of flame, rendering her immune to the effects of fire. What else the blessing entails is unknown.

Upon return to Argad, Nima and her companions discovered that her friend Gerard, the heir of Duke Roger had been kidnapped by a beast mage. She assisted in the rescue, returned the injured Gerard and then tracked down the beast mage. In eliminating the beast mage Nima and her companions were able to assist a Lord of the Forest and for her efforts was granted the ability to communicate with animals.

Later Nima was part of the expedition to the Goblin Territory to recruit help for the resistance, and is known among the goblins as a Dragon Slayer. As a reward for slaying dragons, the goblins made a necklace of glittering dragon scales and a fitted suit of dragon scale armor.

She assisted in the great battle for Havad against the invading Quellians and attempted to convince Duke Tharley to lend his assistance to the rebellion. However while in Havad, Nima’s companion Terryn was possessed by a varesh. So they traveled under disguise through the area controlled by the Usurper King to Sar, the land south of Acahl to gain the help of the legendary psionicists there.

Since the companion’s success in these adventures, she has continued her involvement in the rebellion against the Usurper King Tanzel.

She is married to a tribesman named Feather, the son of Laughing Eyes.


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