List of Tribes

Below is a list of known tribes and a short summary of each.

Tribe – Frehin
Leader – Laughing Eyes
The Frehin are from the northern wilds, they are known for mediating conflicts between the tribes and their generally friendly nature. The Frehin are one of two tribes that have taken a leadership role in negotiations with Acahl.

Tribe – Karnot
Leader – Bloody Claws
The Karnot are from the southern region of the wilds and have a long history of violence with Acahl. Recently with the southern migration of tribesmen they took on the role of spokesmen for the tribesmen, along side the Frehin.

Tribe – Mitkar
Leader – Talon
The Mitkar were originally the guardians of the gap. For years they battled the monsters that came through. They were largely destroyed when the beasts emerged. Talon, the surviving heir left to gather up what what was left and continue their mission.

List of Tribes

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