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  • Tribesmen

    The Tribesmen are what the people of [[Acahl]] call the patchwork of tribes that live in [[the Wilds]]. There are over a hundred tribes that live in the Wilds each with there own traditions and ways. Though they have battled Acahl for a hundred years, …

  • List of Tribes

    Below is a list of known tribes and a short summary of each. *Tribe* - Frehin
    *Leader* - Laughing Eyes
    The Frehin are from the northern wilds, they are known for mediating conflicts between the tribes and their generally friendly nature. …

  • Feather

    Feather is a young tribesman from the north, and he is the son of the tribal leader Laughing Eyes. He enjoys hunting and tracking and is well known for his acrobatic abilities. He is a close friend of Nima's and is currently working toward bridging the …

  • Laughing Eyes

    Laughing Eyes is a fierce warrior and the chief of one of the Northern tribes. He has two children, a son Feather and a daughter Leaf. He was widowed when his wife died in childbirth with Leaf.

  • Bloody Claw

    Bloody Claw is chief of a northern tribe and father of Twig. He lead his tribe south to the area of Argad to escape the recent infestation of beasts in the north.

  • Twig

    Twig is Bloody Claw's only daughter. When the tribes arrived at Argad several soldiers accosted and raped her, nearly causing open war. Her engagement to Prince Laren was the cost of the tribes support in the rebellion. She is a shy girl, very unlike …

  • Talon

    Talon is currently the leader of what remains of the Mitkar tribe. The tribe, including most of the elders, was largely wiped out by the invading beasts from the North.

  • Leaf

    Leaf is a young tribeswoman from the North. She is daughter to Laughing Eyes, chief of the tribe, and sister to Feather. She has become friends with Twig a young woman from another Northern tribe as well as Nima. She has been helping Nima to learn to …

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