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  • Duke Roger

    Duke Roger is the Duke of Argad and a good friend of the Princess Aleena. He is a widower and has one son named Gerard.

  • Gerard

    Gerard is the son of Duke Roger of Argad and is known for being headstrong and complusive. He was kidnapped by a raven lord and tortured but was recently rescued and healed.

  • Count Valcoron

    Count Valcoron is the lord of Daythan. He is a reclusive man, rarely leaving his fortress home. Though usually in Daythan he is generally very involved in the political world of Acahl. Mostly acting through skilled agents such as Terryn. It is …

  • Tharley

    Tharley is the Duke of Havad, a coastal area to the east of Argad and the birthplace of Nima. His son and heir is currently a hostage of the Usurper King Tanzel.

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