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  • Bors

    Bors is the Stable Master and the Huntsmaster for Duke Roger of Argad. He is married to Jill and has three sons. He and Jill adopted their neice Nima when her parents never returned from a voyage at sea. He is well know for his knowledge of the forests …

  • Derick

    Derick is a resident of Argad and the bouncer at the Blue Crow. He enjoys a good mead and the lively music that traveling minstrels bring to the inn.

  • Hargon

    Hargon is a key member in the city guard of Argad. He is the gate guard and proud of it! Although he wouldn't mind something a bit more adventurous. On his days off and at the end of his shifts he frequents the Blue Crow and enjoys some of Argad's finest …

  • Duke Roger

    Duke Roger is the Duke of Argad and a good friend of the Princess Aleena. He is a widower and has one son named Gerard.

  • Gerard

    Gerard is the son of Duke Roger of Argad and is known for being headstrong and complusive. He was kidnapped by a raven lord and tortured but was recently rescued and healed.

  • Kej

    Kej is a soldier currently fighting in the south, originally a guardsmen in the north. He is also Nima's oldest and dearest friend. He is only a mediocre guard, his talents lay elsewhere, perhaps in the completely opposite direction.

  • Garin

    Garin is the Proprietor of The Blue Crow in Argad. He is a friendly man, well respected in the community.

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