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  • Argad

    Argad is a town in northern [[Acahl]] right along the border with the wilds. It is ruled by Duke Roger. The town is centered around a stone keep. The town itself is surrounded by a small city wall. It is currently ruled by [[:22126 | Duke Roger]]. In …

  • Rast

    Rast is a small town in northern Acahl. It's position at a crossroads makes it a perfect trade center. In the spring of 48 it switched hands several times ending up under the control of [[:22121 | Bloody Claw]].

  • Acahl

    The Kingdom of Acahl is a relatively young kingdom. On the edge of the civilized world it has been expanding northward steadily for some time. Acahl is currently suffering a civil war with the rightful king being killed and his bastard half brother …

  • Jahar

    Jahar is a central town in north Acahl. It is the nearest settlement to the goblins and hus deals in alot of their trade. People from Jahar consider themselves to be more cultured than the rest of north Acahl.

  • Noble Houses of Acahl

    A partial list of known or major houses of Acahl. h3. Northern Acahl h3. Southern Acahl *House O'Rinn*
    *Head* Alton
    House O'Rinn was struck from the records by King Erick, for reasons largely unknown though it is believed to …

  • Order of Arnor

    The Order of Arnor are the mages of Acahl. The order is technically under the control of the nation though the issue is rarely pressed. Historically it was divided into two branches, fire and air. Though most knew at least some of the other element. A …

  • Hargon

    Hargon is a key member in the city guard of Argad. He is the gate guard and proud of it! Although he wouldn't mind something a bit more adventurous. On his days off and at the end of his shifts he frequents the Blue Crow and enjoys some of Argad's finest …

  • Beyl

    Beyl is a mercenary captain formerly in the service of the usurper Tanzil. He is a friend to Koric and currently leading a small army for the rebellion.

  • Gerard

    Gerard is the son of Duke Roger of Argad and is known for being headstrong and complusive. He was kidnapped by a raven lord and tortured but was recently rescued and healed.

  • Count Valcoron

    Count Valcoron is the lord of Daythan. He is a reclusive man, rarely leaving his fortress home. Though usually in Daythan he is generally very involved in the political world of Acahl. Mostly acting through skilled agents such as Terryn. It is …

  • Kej

    Kej is a soldier currently fighting in the south, originally a guardsmen in the north. He is also Nima's oldest and dearest friend. He is only a mediocre guard, his talents lay elsewhere, perhaps in the completely opposite direction.

  • Kevin

    *Deceased* Kevin was an air mage in the Order of Arnor and was fighting for the Usurper Tanzel when he was killed by Tearfalen in combat. It is believed that he was directly involved with the imprisonment of Fenair the Vareshnakt of Fire.

  • Garin

    Garin is the Proprietor of The Blue Crow in Argad. He is a friendly man, well respected in the community.

  • Tharley

    Tharley is the Duke of Havad, a coastal area to the east of Argad and the birthplace of Nima. His son and heir is currently a hostage of the Usurper King Tanzel.

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