Flames over Acahl

The Usurper King

The struggle so far

Our adventures found themselves deeply involved in the rebellion. A young noblewoman named Terryn joined the company. When Gerard was kidnapped and held ransom by a Raven Lord who had aligned with the Usurper, they rescued him and hunted down the Raven Lord and killed him. They battled dragons in the Dragonspine mountains and gained the support of the goblins. They were instrumental in the breaking of the siege of Argad where Ryjal conjured a fiery explosion and Terryn snuck into the enemy camp and poisoned the wells. Korrick and Nima succesfully brokered the treaty between the tribesmen and the rebellion.

Our log begins after the succesful retaking of Rast by the combined forces of tribesmen and the rebellion. There the company encounters Gerard who has taken on a more sinsiter aspect, using the power of shadow in the service of the rebellion. It was shortly after this meeting that they were attacked by air elementals warped by some foreign power.


AshenHaze Aurorae

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