Flames over Acahl

Session 22
Battle in Havad

Having slayed the snake Varesh the company along with Gerard and Riam had a meeting to decide the best course of action. Gregor would go south to assist in that area, while our heroes would ride east to Havad, to try to warn Duke Tharley of the impending attack and bring 500 tribesmen under the command of Talon to assist. The trip their was relatively uneventful, unfortunately entering the city was less so.

Ryjal took offense at the gate captain Osric’s manner and decided to threaten him. Osric, being a member of Duke Tharley’s well trained forces refused to back down. A fight ensued, in which Osric battled Ryjal below the gate, eventually stabbing him through the stomach before collapsing himself from his wounds.

Ryjal was immediately dragged still bleeding and tossed into a cell to die. Terryn followed after and tried to help him but their was nothing she could do. Meanwhile Korrick and Nima were attempting to distance themselves from Ryjal’s actions and offer their medical support to the injured Osric.

A meeting with Duke Tharley of Havad cleared up any danger of actual charges. Terryn being revered for a previous warning message helped significantly their. Also the reason for Duke Tharley’s unwillingness to assist the rebellion came clear when he admitted that his sone was a hostage to King Tanzel. The discussion was only about halfway done when alarms were sounded. The invasion was here.

With the assistance of Talon’s tribesmen the fight looked like it was going well. Also Duke Tharley activated his cities ancient defense, the Gargoyles which wreaked havoc upon the enemy. But things turned quickly. The commander of the Quel army literally leaped the wall, using strong magics to annihilate most of the defenders. It was only through the liberal use of Riam’s shadow magic that they weren’t immediately overrun.

Nima set up a position on a nearby rooftop and sniped at the black armored general, quickly learning that he was possessed of an unnatural vitality. Between Riam and Nima they succesfully lured him away from his forces and after a vicious fight in which both Talon and Sir Rayne nearly died they were able to kill him. But it was not enough to save the city and Duke Tharley sounded the retreat.

Session 21
A Dark Prophecy

The adventurer’s sat around a table in the chaotic remnants of their makeshift headquarters. The news was grim, Riam’s foretelling left little room for hope. The rebellion was doomed by sorcery, the Verishnakt Carrum’s hand was at work and their was none to stand against him. According to Riam a military victory was impossible.

As the character’s mulled over this more bad news arrived, in the form of Hargon. He had ridden hard from the far northern reaches of Acahl with news. A snake of great size had destroyed an entire village and was receiving sacrificial offerings from them.

After some discussion they departed along side Gerard’s band to deal with the snake. A harder task than they imagined. Upon arrival Riam explained that the snake was a Verish. Similar to a Verishnakt but weaker, and unfortunately mobile. The snake was apparently a general in the horde of Beasts. And even worse, it was infused with the magic of Fenair.

A trap was set, they would lure the snake into a valley warded by magic. Archer’s hid on either side. When the Varesh entered he was hit by magic and volley after volley of arrows, but still he advanced. Korrick and Terryn bravely stood at the end of it’s path, battling at close range. The trap was successful, and the snake perished.

The Usurper King
The struggle so far

Our adventures found themselves deeply involved in the rebellion. A young noblewoman named Terryn joined the company. When Gerard was kidnapped and held ransom by a Raven Lord who had aligned with the Usurper, they rescued him and hunted down the Raven Lord and killed him. They battled dragons in the Dragonspine mountains and gained the support of the goblins. They were instrumental in the breaking of the siege of Argad where Ryjal conjured a fiery explosion and Terryn snuck into the enemy camp and poisoned the wells. Korrick and Nima succesfully brokered the treaty between the tribesmen and the rebellion.

Our log begins after the succesful retaking of Rast by the combined forces of tribesmen and the rebellion. There the company encounters Gerard who has taken on a more sinsiter aspect, using the power of shadow in the service of the rebellion. It was shortly after this meeting that they were attacked by air elementals warped by some foreign power.

The Child of Flame
That which hath come before

It began in Argad. A meeting of heroes, well they were not heroes at the time but they would become such. Tearfalen the wandering mercenary, Nima the stablehand, Korrick the grizzled warrior and Ryjal of the order of Arnor. They were brought together by one thing, the Child of Flame.

His name was Jakob and he was the daughter of Martha in Argad, or so they called themselves. Martha was in fact the Princess Aleena who had gone missing 12 years before with her young son. He had evidenced great powers even at his birth and she had feared that the order of Arnor would sieze him for there own purposes. So she fled. Unfortunately as time progressed his powers grew and became difficult to hide, hunters were sent to Argad to retrieve him. Ryjal was amongst these, though he knew not the purpose behind his mission.

The companions, ended up battling the mage Kevin; a renegade of the order of Arnor, or so it was believed and his lord Sarin. They valiantly defeated those who pursued the child.

It was then that Talon, warrior of the Tribes entered the scene. He was on a mission, a quest if you will. The shaman of his tribe had sent him to recover Jakob, for he claimed to know the purpose of his powers. To free the Verishnakt of fire who had been imprisoned. Fenair, the aforementioned Verishnakt of Fire had been holding back a horde of monsters from the north and the tribes would soon be overrun.

Bravely the adventures traveled hundreds of miles into the Wilds, defeating many fierce foes. They entered the Temple of Fenair and battled the twisted minions of Carrum the Verishnakt of air, commonly known as the Cruel Wind. The Verishnakt was freed though he was greatly weakened. Jakob was much changed in the process, only responding to the name Arnor afterward. The companions were each granted a boon by Fenair and then transported back to Argad.

They had hoped that the struggle was over.

It was only the beginning


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